3MP pump and bottle with wall bracket
Accessories - Wall bracket 6cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 6cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 10cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 10cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 14cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 14cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 12cm
Accessories - Wall bracket 12cm

3MP Wall Bracket


The 3MP Wall Bracket offers an organized countertop and quick, convenient access to your essential products. It’s the perfect companion to the 3MP Refillable Bottle System, Stand Up Bag Bottle and 3MP Pumps. When combined, these products provide a comprehensive and efficient dispensing solution for your workplace. 

Features & Benefits  

Size Options: Available in various sizes, the 3MP Wall Bracket can accommodate the 3MP Refillable Bottle System and 3MP Pumps, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your workspace 
Stainless Steel Construction: Built from durable stainless steel, this wall bracket ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments 
Space Saver: Maximize your workspace by keeping dispensing essentials off countertops, creating a neater and more efficient environment 
Secure Dispensing: The bracket securely holds the 3MP Refillable Bottle System and 3MP Pumps, preventing accidents and spills


Arrow icon#779103 – Refillable Bottle System (incl 1L container (#11336) and 2ml pump (#715010))
Arrow icon#11336 – Refillable Bottle, 1.1-qt US (1L)
Arrow icon#715120 – Stand Up Bag Bottle, 1.1-qt US (1L)
Arrow icon#715011 – Replacement, 1ml Dose Pump
Arrow icon#715010 – Replacement, 2ml Dose Pump

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality.

Part #DescriptionOperationSize
717202Wall Bracket, Stainless Steellever, arm/hand2 3/8-in (6cm)
717201Wall Bracket, Stainless Steellever, arm/hand4-in (10cm)
717200Wall Bracket, Stainless Steellever, arm/hand5 1/2-in (14cm)
717206Wall Bracket, White Plasticlever, arm/hand4 3/4-in (12cm)

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