Hanging Dispenser Table Stand

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Hanging Dispenser Table Stand


The Hanging Dispenser Table Stand is designed to offer convenience without taking up too much countertop space. It allows you to hang two food containers along with your UNRO or ASEPT Portion Pumps. Perfect for busy serving areas, this hanging design requires no mounting hardware and provides access from three angles, reducing transaction time and improving guest satisfaction. 

The stand is available in both fixed and adjustable heights, catering to your specific needs. It hangs food manufacturer’s original containers, which are fitted with UNRO or ASEPT Portion Pumps for a no-drip holding and serving experience. Additionally, refillable containers are available in various sizes from 1.1 to 5.3-qt US (1-5L), ensuring maximum product yield and convenient holding.

Features & Benefits

Countertop stand put condiments within easy reach for fast and efficient serving 
Gravity-fed system provides excellent evacuation, ensuring smooth and consistent dispensing 
Pairs with hanging food containers and UNRO or ASEPT Portion Pumps for drip-free and controlled serving  
Sturdy construction made of stainless steel, available in fixed or adjustable heights; no installation or mounting necessary 
Easy-to-clean design, aids in maintaining food safety and sanitation standards 


Arrow icon#60024 – UNRO Refillable Container, 1-gal US (5L)
Arrow icon#60146 – UNRO Refillable Container, 2.6-qt US (2.5L)
Arrow icon#60145 – UNRO Chain with Hook (35.4-in/90cm)

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality.

 Part #DescriptionDimensions
60018Adjustable Table Standadjustable height, 23.6 – 35.4-inches (60 – 90cm)
60017Table Stand, Fixed Height27.5-inches (70cm)

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