Wall Hanger, 5L Container

Accessories - Wall hanger along and from wall
Wall hanger and UNRO pump
Accessories - Wall hanger from wall
Wall hanger from wall and SDP pump

Wall Hanger, 5L Container


Our wall hangers securely hold 5.3-qt US (5L) containers, maximizing space efficiency even in tight areas. Designed for busy serving areas, choose between two models: horizontal along the wall or extended out from the wall. Depending on your serving needs, pair it with an UNRO or SDP Pump for a complete dispensing system.

Features & Benefits 

Robust stainless steel construction holds 5.3-qt US (5L) containers 
Convenient positioning allows fast and efficient serving of condiments 
Inverted holding combined with UNRO pump enables gravity-fed dispensing for excellent evacuation 
For upright holding and dispensing, pair it with an SDP pump 
Need more capacity? Ask about our 10.6-qt US (10L) Out from Wall Hanger (60033) 


Arrow icon#60029 – Along Wall Hanger. Container: 5.3-qt US (5L)
Arrow icon#60022 – Out from Wall Hanger. Container: 5.3-qt US (5L)

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Complete your setup with these accessory options.

Part #ModelDescriptionApplicationMaterialThread Size
60011UNRO-Y38UNRO Pump, YellowChem & High Fat Content FoodSilicone38mm
60009UNRO-Y40UNRO Pump, YellowChem & High Fat Content FoodSilicone40mm
60014UNRO-W28UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE28mm
60013UNRO-W32UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE32mm
60003UNRO-W38UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE38mm
60001UNRO-W40UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE40mm

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