UNRO Dispenser System

UNRO Dispenser System

16-fl oz US + (0.5L) bottles, jugs, containers

Introducing the UNRO dispenser: a time-tested solution that has been proudly serving for over 50 years. With its simple, drip-free design, this hanging system effortlessly dispenses liquid food products directly from your packaging. Say goodbye to messy condiment stations and embrace the reliable efficiency of the UNRO dispenser.

UNRO dispenser, white

UNRO Dispenser System


The UNRO dispenser is perfect for quickly and easily dispensing liquid food products. Set-up is a breeze as the dispenser threads directly to a manufacturer’s product packaging. The hanging design provides excellent yield and eliminates the need to handle heavy containers and unstable bottles. The dispenser design ensures consistent, drip-free portions with every squeeze. Additionally, it is easy to clean. The UNRO dispensing system is intuitive, commercial-grade, and user-friendly.  

The UNRO dispenser is produced using high-quality food-grade material in Scandinavia. 

Pair-Up Your Pump 
UNRO pumps can be connected directly to a manufacturer’s original container or our reusable containers with the corresponding thread dimensions. Then, select a wall hanger or table stand for use in the ideal location or Contact Us to discuss a customized solution. 

Features & Benefits  

Ideal for serving condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo and all kinds of dipping sauces (see our personal care model for non-food use) 
Each squeeze always gives you the desired amount  
Available for Small (28 & 32mm) and Large (38 & 40mm) threads  
No-drip design ensures clean operation  
Disassembles easily for dishwasher-safe cleaning 
Pair with a variety of mounting and hanging options, wall hangers, table stands, reusable bottles and containers 


UNRO Bottle, refillable with lid – 1.1-qt US (1L) (#11336)
UNRO Refillable Container – 2.6-qt US (2.5L) (#60146)
UNRO Refillable Container – 5.3- qt US (5L) (#60024)
UNRO Wall Hanger (#60023)
UNRO Wall Hanger with Hook (#60020)
UNRO Wall Hanger – from wall (#60022)
UNRO Wall Hanger – along wall (#60029)
UNRO Adjustable Table Stand (#60018)
UNRO Chain with Hook (35.4-in/90cm) (#60145)
UNRO-how the pump work

UNRO Dispenser System

How it works

When you squeeze the dispenser, the valve is pushed upwards by the pressure of the product. To use the UNRO dispenser, simply attach the pump directly to your product packaging. When you squeeze the dispenser, the valve is pushed upwards by the pressure of the product, allowing the desired amount to be dispensed.

When you stop squeezing, the outflow is closed off, and the dispenser refills from the pack. When not in use, the valve seals the outflow to prevent leaks.

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Product Description – UNRO Dispenser System

Certifications, Standards and Listings

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality.

Part #ModelDescriptionApplicationMaterialThread Size
60011UNRO-Y38UNRO Pump, Yellow Chem & High Fat Content FoodSilicone38mm
60009UNRO-Y40UNRO Pump, YellowChem & High Fat Content FoodSilicone40mm
60013UNRO-W28UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE28mm
60014UNRO-W32UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE32mm
60003UNRO-W38UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE38mm
60001UNRO-W40UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, MustardTPE40mm

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