Lever-Action Pump Rails

Lever-Action Pump Rails

3 1/2-qt US (3.3L) Jars

Effortlessly serve consistent portions of one–four condiments and sauces from 10-in (25cm) fountain jars with our stainless steel Lever-Action Pump Rails. Cleaning is quick and easy with an easy-to-disassemble pump that is dishwasher safe.

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Lever-Action Pump Rails

Easy to Use. High Quality. Reliable. 

Complete Lever-Action Pump Rails include everything you need to get started with one to four pumps, jars and a base rail. Our fountain jars feature a sloped interior reducing waste by up to 50% compared to other jars. The lever-action pump design reduces the amount of force required to dispense. This makes them ideal for dispensing condiments and sauces. Adjustable portion settings help you deliver consistent flavor profiles and eliminate accidental over-serving. Additionally, the pump disassembles quickly for dishwasher-safe cleaning.  

Features & Benefits  

Complete with one–four lever-action pumps, jars and a durable stainless steel base rail 
Durable stainless steel pump dispenses ketchup to caramel sauce consistently 
Adjustable portions for 1/2, 3/4 and 1-fl oz US (15, 22.5 and 30ml) servings 
Lever-action design reduces operator fatigue 
Includes our 3 1/2-qt US (3.3L) fountain jars with a sloped interior to reduce waste 
Quickly disassembles for dishwasher-safe cleaning 

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality. The complete setup of Topping Pump Rails includes Lever-Action Pumps, 10-in (25cm) Fountain Jars and a countertop Rail.

Part #ModelDescription
300231TR-LAF1Single Lever-Action Pump Rail
300232TR-LAF2Double Lever-Action Pump Rail
300233TR-LAF3Triple Lever-Action Pump Rail
300234TR-LAF4Quad Lever-Action Pump Rail

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