3MP refillable container
3MP dispenser pump with wall hanger and bottle
3MP dispenser pump with wall hanger and bottle

3MP Refillable Bottle System


Sanitation dispensers are often associated with hospitals and healthcare facilities that prioritize superior hygiene. Of course, this format is also useful wherever hand washing occurs. Our 3MP pump attaches to the reusable 1.1-qt US (1L) bottle, providing a contaminant-free dispensing solution. The pump’s industrial design consists of just a few parts and is metal-free, making it durable, reliable and fully recyclable without disassembly. 

The 3MP Dispensing System is paired with an opaque, refillable bottle for dosing products like soap, lotion, hand sanitizers and other skincare items. A removable top provides access to a wide-mouth opening. This ensures existing product is depleted before newly added product is dispensed. The 3MP system is a hygienic and drip-free dispensing solution that delivers a set dose of 2ml. Additionally, the gravity-fed operation ensures efficient emptying of the bottle, minimizing waste. 

Features & Benefits  

Suitable for sanitation products like soap, lotion, hand sanitizer and other skin care products  
Minimize waste with a set dose of 2ml
Refillable bottle with wide-mouth opening allows for quick refills, reducing packaging waste by enabling the use of bulk products
Gravity-fed operation effectively empties the refillable bottle with 28mm threads 
Clean operation with drip-free design 
Pair with a wall-mount bracket to conveniently keep it within wash stations, work areas or entryways


Arrow icon#715010 – Replacement, Micro-Dose Pump (2ml), fits 28mm bottle threads
Arrow icon#715011 – Replacement, Micro-Dose Pump (1ml), fits 28mm bottle threads
Arrow icon#717202 – Wall Bracket, Stainless Steel (2 3/8-in / 6cm)
Arrow icon#717201 – Wall Bracket, Stainless Steel (4-in / 10cm)
Arrow icon#717200 – Wall Bracket, Stainless Steel (5 1/2-in / 14cm)
Arrow icon#717206 – Wall Bracket, White Plastic (4 3/4-in / 12cm)
Arrow icon#60023 – Wall Hanger, Bottle. HxWxD: 5.9×4.7×3.3 in (15x12x8.5cm)

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality.

Part #DescriptionCapacityThreads
779103Refillable Bottle with Lid & Pump (2ml)1.1-qt US (1L)28mm

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