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3MP Micro-Dose Dispensing Systems

ASEPT’s 3MP Micro-Dose Dispensing System raises the bar on quality and sustainability standards for micro-dosing personal hygiene and sanitation products. Curious? We invite you to explore the unique features and unrivaled benefits of 3MP dispensers. Because your sanitation stations deserve nothing less than the best.

Collection of 3MP dispensers and accessories

Crafted for Sustainability

A New Era in Sanitation Product Dispensers

In a world where every choice matters, 3MP sanitation product dispensers redefine sustainability. Crafted in Sweden/Europe, these personal hygiene pumps substantially minimize your carbon footprint compared to imports from distant lands. Choose a dispenser that goes beyond functionality: 

Made in Sweden
100% European-sourced materials reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating transport from other continents. 

Environmentally Friendly
3MP pumps contain no metal parts, aligning perfectly with eco-friendly solutions.  

Disposable and Combustible
Utilizing combustible materials ensures a dispenser lifecycle that’s gentle on the environment through waste-to-energy recovery.  

Efficiency to the Last Drop 
The gravity-fed design guarantees minimal product waste, ensuring every drop counts. 

Quality Redefined  

Reliable Drip-Free Performance 

Elevate your hygiene standards with 3MP’s re-engineered dispensing system. We’ve gone beyond the ordinary, focusing on creating an unparalleled, reliable and drip-free performance. Here’s what you can count on with 3MP dispensers:  

3MP pumps and wall bracket on wall
  • Fully Drip-Free Solution 
    Our commitment to excellence led to a comprehensive re-engineering, ensuring a dispenser that stands firm against leaks and disruptions. 
  • Simple and Robust Design 
    We design for simplicity and strength. With minimal moving parts, our dispensers are user-friendly. This straightforward approach offers durability and top-notch performance. 
  • Maintenance-Free Operation 
    The 3MP system is crafted for resilience in high wear-and-tear environments, providing a maintenance-free solution that stands the test of time. 
  • Thorough Testing for Assurance 
    Before each dispenser reaches you, it undergoes a thorough inspection with a battery of tests, ensuring a high-quality product you can depend on. These tests include pressure and vacuum tests, air pressure checks and hanging leak tests on each batch.  

Micro-Dosing Magic  

Precision Meets Hygiene 

Experience unparalleled precision in hygienic micro-dosing with the 3MP System. It’s all about delivering small, consistent doses where it matters most. Explore the magic: 

3MP pump and bottle

1. Completely Closed System

Ensures the utmost hygiene with a closed system.

2. Small, Consistent Doses

Delivers a predefined dose of 1 or 2ml precisely.

3. Space-Saving Design

Wall brackets maximize efficiency in high-traffic locations.

4. Versatile Fit

Seamlessly fitting standard containers and bottles used in hospitals and public restrooms.

Contributing to a Healthier Planet 

Your Choice, Your Impact 

Your choice of the 3MP Dispensing System goes beyond a hygiene decision; it’s a commitment to a greener planet. Join the movement toward sustainability!

Millions Across Northern Europe: Our 3MP Dispensers are often the trusted standard – even in hyper-sanitized settings like hospitals and healthcare facilities. With millions sold to date, their exceptional sanitation qualities and consistent dosing have made them quite popular.  

Exceptional Hygiene, Eco-Conscious Practices: Embrace a dispenser that balances exceptional hygiene with eco-conscious practices.

Explore Our 3MP Dispensing Ecosystem 

Complete Solutions for Every Need 

Dive into the details of 3MP dispensing solutions. From micro-dose dispensers to refillable bottle systems and wall brackets for hands-free dispensing, we offer a range designed to enhance your hygiene setup. Discover practical, space-saving and easy-to-use solutions. 

Explore our 3MP dispensing line here or jump to a specific item: 

Excellence Across Time

3MP Micro-Dose Dispensing System – Trusted Since 1998

Exceptional Hygiene Standards 
Widely adopted in hospitals, dentistry, outpatient clinics and beyond. 

Closed-System Design  
A timeless choice offering a closed-system design fitting a range of standard containers and brackets. 

Legacy and Reliability 
Trust in the legacy product and rely on its proven design for enduring quality.

Let’s Find Your Perfect Solution

Experience the ASEPT difference with personalized support for your dispensing needs. Contact us today!