Built-in dispenser Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Dispenser, Built-In


Optimize your self-serve station with a built-in condiment dispenser. Remote dispensing draws from a pouched product below the counter for a clean, low-profile condiment finishing station. The larger capacity provides additional time between change-outs. Guests serve portions of their favorite condiment at the push of a lever from the countertop area. Dispensing from pouches means easy loading and clean-up, while the drip-free valve keeps serving areas tidy, saving you labor without compromising cleanliness.  

Our versatile pump serves consistent portions of condiments, sauces and products with particulates like fruit purees for your breakfast, lunch or dinner crowds. A sealed system is formed when the pump connects to the fitment or BiB connector on your pouch of product*. Portions are set at 2/3-fl oz US (20ml) to reduce waste and improve speed at self-serve stations. Evacuation is up to 98% ensuring more product is dispensed.  

If you’re new to pouched packaging, learn more about how our fully-brandable Stainless Steel Dispensers or countertop stations can help your foodservice operation become more efficient and sustainable.

Features & Benefits  

Dispense condiments, sauces with particulates and purees 
Connects to pouches with fitments or BiB; contact us to verify compatibility with your preferred pouches  
Sealed system achieves up to 98% product yield 
No-drip valve keeps countertop serving areas clean 
Serving size is set at 2/3-fl oz US (20ml) 
Transparent pump body allows for quick product identification  
Dishwasher-safe pump with only a few components makes disassembly and cleaning quick and easy

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Table of technical details outlining details and functionality. Stainless Steel Dispenser, Built-In model, table below refers to dispenser measurments above counter.

SS Drop-in dispenser, sketch
SS Drop-in dispenser, Widh
SS Drop-in dispenser, Depth and Hight
(W x D x H)
Stainless Steel DispenserBuilt-in model3.89×13.46×10.10″ (99x343x257mm)2.68″ (68mm)

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