Refillable container
Table stand-container-UNRO pump
Table stand-container-UNRO pump
Refillable container 2.5L, white
Refillable container 2.5L, white
Refillable container 2.5L, cream
Refillable container 2.5L, cream

Refillable Containers


Our reusable containers offer not only environmental benefits by reducing plastic waste but also serve as a convenient dispenser station for house sauces. Designed to improve yield and simplify sauce dispensing, these refillable containers are a practical choice. 

Available in 2.6 & 5.3-qt US (2.5 & 5L) sizes, they ensure maximum product yield and convenience. Both sizes come in white-colored plastic and include a storage cap. The small container are also available in red, brown and yellow colors. The larger container size features a wide-mouth opening for quick refilling and includes a durable stainless steel handle for stability during hanging and use. Crafted from high-quality food-grade materials in Scandinavia, these containers meet stringent quality standards.  
Pair-Up for a Complete Dispensing System  
The hanging design maximizes space efficiency, making them ideal for busy serving areas. For a complete dispensing system, pair our reusable containers with UNRO or ASEPT Portion Pumps and choose from our range of wall hangers or table stands tailored to your specific needs.

Features & Benefits 

Conveniently position condiments for fast and efficient serving 
Gravity-fed dispensing system ensures excellent evacuation 
White plastic containers available in 2.6 or 5.3-qt US (2.5 or 5L) sizes 
Constructed from high-quality food-grade plastics  
Easy-to-clean design, helps maintain food safety and sanitation standards  
Compatible with wall hangers or hanging stands and UNRO or ASEPT Portion Pumps for controlled and drip-free serving  


Arrow icon#60024 – Refillable Container, 5.3-qt US (5L)
Arrow icon#60146 – Refillable Container, 2.6-qt US (2.5L). Minimum order quantity 1 pallet (350 units).

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Complete your setup with these accessory options. Each holds containers up to 5.3-qt US (5L).

Part #ModelDescriptionApplication/MaterialDimensions (HxWxL)/Thread size
60145Chain with Hook35.4-in (90cm) 
60020Wall Hanger with Hook6 x 2.4 x 6-in (15 x 6 x 15cm)
60018Adjustable Table Stand23.6–35.4 x 13.8 x 11.8-in (60 – 90cm)
60017Table Stand, Fixed Height27.5 x 13.8 x 11.8-in (70 x 35 x 30cm)
60009UNRO-Y40UNRO Pump, YellowChem & High Fat Content Food / Silicone40mm
60001UNRO-W40UNRO Pump, WhiteChem & Food – Ketchup, Mustard / TPE40mm
10427CG02Portion PumpServe portions: 1/8 to 1/2-fl oz US (3.75 to 10 ml)

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