Portion Pump Stations 

Portion Pump Stations 

16 or 24-fl oz US (0.5 or 0.7L) bottles

Experience the ultimate solution for consistent sauce and condiment application with the ASEPT Portion Pump. Designed with an ergonomic grip and patented technology, this handheld serving system ensures precise portions and a drip-free station, boosting your speed-of-service in the kitchen.

Portion Pump station - triple

Portion Pump Stations

Consistent portioning. User-friendly. Clean.   

Efficient and consistent food prep is at your fingertips with the ASPET Portion Pump. This must-have dispenser increases your speed-of-service and eliminates waste caused by over-portioning. It’s comfortable, ergonomic grip connects with a FIFO Squeeze Bottle™ and stores in a convenient countertop stand for easy access. With each lever squeeze dispensing one portion, our patented design ensures a drip-free prep station. Choose from one to five pumps and two bottle sizes, perfect for any commercial kitchen, restaurant or foodservice setting. 

BPA-free food-grade material is used on all components in food contact zones. The ASEPT lab-tested design achieves at least 1 million servings.  

Features & Benefits

Comfortable grip for all hand sizes 
Each lever squeeze, serves one portion – preset for 1/2-fl oz US (15ml); adjusts to 1/8, 1/6, 1/4 and 1/3-fl oz US (3.75, 5, 7.5 and 10ml) 
Includes 16 or 24-fl oz US (0.5 or 0.7L) FIFO Bottles™ with single and triple valves for precise and efficient application  
No-drip, patented design ensures clean operation  
Countertop stand keeps toppings handy 
Dishwasher-safe pump disassembles easily  


Portion Pump (Model CG02) (#10429)
Single Portion Pump Stand (#300007)
Double Portion Pump Stand (#300008)
Triple Portion Pump Stand (#300009)
Quad Portion Pump Stand (#300056)
Quint Portion Pump Stand (#300057)

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Table of technical details oulining details and functionality.

Working with other volumes?  The Portion Pump fits FIFO Bottles™ from 12 – 32 oz (0.4 – 0.9L) with 47 mm threads.

Part #ModelDescriptionBottles incl.
300117CG02-S16Single Portion Pump Station(1) 16 oz (0.5L)
300226CG02-S24Single Portion Pump Station(1) 24 oz (0.7L)
300118CG02-2S16Double Portion Pump Station(2) 16 oz (0.5L)
300222CG02-2S24Double Portion Pump Station(2) 24 oz (0.7L)
300119CG02-3S16Triple Portion Pump Station(3) 16 oz (0.5L)
300223CG02-3S24Triple Portion Pump Station(3) 24 oz (0.7L)
300120CG02-4S16Quad Portion Pump Station(4) 16 oz (0.5L)
300224CG02-4S24Quad Portion Pump Station(4) 24 oz (0.7L)
300131CG02-5S16Quint Portion Pump Station(5) 16 oz (0.5L)
300225CG02-5S24Quint Portion Pump Station(5) 24 oz (0.7L)


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