Reduce Food Waste with Ketchup Dispensers

Reduce Food Waste with Ketchup Dispensers

ASEPT pouched ketchup dispensers and pumps offer innovative and efficient packaging solutions to help reduce food waste and optimize your operation.

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Food waste is a major issue in the food industry, with up to one-third of all produced food being discarded. From production to consumption, food waste occurs at every stage of the supply chain. At ASEPT, we’re committed to helping you reduce food waste by offering innovative and efficient packaging solutions. Our dispensing systems are ideal for condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, jam and more.

Maximizing product yield and reducing waste 

From the start of our design process, we focus on maximizing product yield while minimizing waste. We examine the product’s viscosity, texture and any particulates when creating the dispenser, pump system, and how it’s connected to ensure the highest possible product yield. 

Our dispensing systems are specially designed to cater to various products’ unique characteristics. For example, a fluid product like ketchup behaves differently when dispensed compared to a thick and viscous product like mayonnaise. Other critical factors include the product´s texture and whether it contains particulates, such as their attributes (small, large, light, heavy, etc.). 

We can say with certainty that as much as 98% yield is possible in our dispensers, which is an impressive number that we are very proud of” says Nils Hellzén, R&D Manager at ASEPT. 

Benefits of ASEPTs Pouched Dispensing Systems 

In addition to reducing food waste, ASEPT pouched dispensing systems offer a range of benefits for foodservice operations. These include: 

Food Safety: Sealed, air-free pouches keep your product (condiments, dressings, dips and jams) fresher for longer, reducing the need for preservatives. Ambient storage requirements free up cold storage and HACCP logging. Plus, the sealed pump and fitment connection eliminates cross-contamination risks and improves secondary shelf life. 

Operational Efficiency: Quick and easy refills, controlled portion sizes, and simplified cleaning. The product remains inside the pump during pouch changeouts, and the pump, with very few parts in food contact, is straightforward to disassemble for quick and efficient cleaning. 

 Waste Reduction: A sealed system with flexible pouches provides up to 98% evacuation, ensuring more product is served. 

Sustainability: The ASEPT Dispensing System with the product packed in flexible pouches requires substantially less packaging material compared to any other packaging system, making it a more sustainable choice. 

We can help you reduce food waste and optimize your operations

Interested in learning more About ASEPT and our dispensing solutions and pump systems? Contact Us today to discover how we can help you reduce food waste and optimize your operations.

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