CASE STUDY: Sustainable Sauce Revolution Hits Foodservice

CASE STUDY: Sustainable Sauce Revolution Hits Foodservice

This could be the sauce revolution that transforms the foodservice industry. Meet the team promoting sustainable food packaging and a reduced carbon footprint with their revolutionary sauce concept.

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AWSM and ASEPT collaboration dispensers and sauces

AWSM Sauce’s Dry Condiment Concept

At the heart of this development lies AWSM Sauce’s ingenious dry condiment concept which prioritizes three things: Taste, Sustainability and Satisfaction. Their patent-pending “powder-to-pour” approach is simple, yet revolutionary. They’ve eliminated the need for traditional liquid condiment packaging, significantly reducing packaging waste.

So, how does it work? Just add water, shake and voilà – your favorite sauce is ready to serve. This not only saves space but also lowers shipping weight, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a vision that resonates with foodservice businesses and eco-conscious consumers alike.

Redefining Sauce Service with a Commitment to Sustainability

AWSM Sauce began in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market. Of course, the natural progression leads to helping foodservice establishments enhance their sustainability efforts and reduce their carbon footprint. This endeavor holds the potential to be a game-changer.

A Partnership of Shared Values

Bringing this AWSM vision to foodservice required commercial-scale serving methods. The partnership between AWSM Sauce and ASEPT is a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability. Together we support the mission of reducing waste, promoting freshness and food safety.

The Foodservice Challenge: Versatile Dispensing Solutions

Building on our shared commitment to sustainability, AWSM Sauce and ASEPT united to provide versatile dispensing solutions for both back-of-house and dining room/guest service areas. Our dispensing experts, based in Wisconsin, played a vital role by offering localized insights and graphic resources to enhance the branded product offerings.

AWSM Sauce’s five-SKU lineup includes Classic Ketchup, Original Hot Sauce, Sweet & Tangy BBQ, Japanese BBQ and Mayo Deli Spread. All fan-favorites among foodservice establishments offering self-serve condiments or back-of-house squeeze bottle use. Each sauce mix packet yields 7/8 of a gallon, equivalent to 3 ½ quarts, 14 cups or 128-fl oz US – however you shake it.

Operators follow a simple process: measure water, add mix and shake well to transform dehydrated granules into liquid condiment AWSM-ness. The tasty result is poured into a food-safe jar or a squeeze bottle for serving.

AWSM ASEPT dispensers

ASEPT’s Topping Pump Rails and hand-held Portion Pump Stations provided the perfect answer. These customizable dispensers are versatile, allowing operators to offer multiple flavors per dispensing unit (Rail or Station). This flexibility ensures AWSM Sauce can meet the unique requirements of each establishment they partner with, all without compromising their commitment to sustainability.

Branding That Shines

Functionality wasn’t the only focus. For AWSM Sauce, it was crucial to effectively share their brand story. Together, we ensured that every interaction with their product conveys their unique identity.

Your Journey Starts Here

The AWSM Sauce and ASEPT partnership demonstrates what can be achieved when sustainability visions align.

Keep an eye on these innovative entrepreneurs on a mission to Sauce Responsibly! For foodservice packaging and flavor options, check out AWSM Sauce at www.AWSMSauce.co. They’re set to shake things up.

Join the sustainable food packaging revolution for a greener future. ASEPT specializes in product modifications or complete custom pump projects. Whether it’s a pump/fitment connection, brand aesthetics, operational quick-start guide or flavor graphics for stores, we have you covered.

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