ASEPT Unveils Refined 3MP Micro-Dose Dispenser

ASEPT Unveils Refined 3MP Micro-Dose Dispenser

ASEPT proudly introduces the enhanced 3MP Micro-Dose Dispensing System, marking a strategic move to elevate hygiene standards. Explore the upgraded features for reliable drip-free performance and sustainability. Your sanitation stations deserve nothing less than the best.

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Collection of 3MP dispensers

Reliable Drip-Free Performance 

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through a comprehensive re-engineering, ensuring a dispenser that stands resolute against leaks and disruptions. Here’s why our 3MP solution stands out:  

  • Reliable Drip-Free Performance 
    We go beyond the ordinary, focusing on creating an unparalleled, reliable and drip-free performance.
  • Simple and Robust Design 
    Our design philosophy revolves around simplicity and strength. With minimal moving parts, our dispensers are user-friendly, offering durability even in high wear-and-tear environments. 
  • Thorough Testing for Assurance 
    Before each dispenser reaches you, it undergoes a thorough inspection with a battery of tests, ensuring a high-quality product you can depend on. These tests include pressure and vacuum tests, air pressure checks and hanging leak tests on each batch. 

3MP Dispensers Crafted for Sustainability 

In a world where every choice matters, opting for a dispenser that goes beyond functionality becomes paramount.

  • Made in Sweden 
    Choose a dispenser with a heart. Crafted in Sweden/Europe with 100% European-sourced materials, these dispensers significantly reduce your carbon footprint compared to imports from distant lands. 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
    Be a friend to nature. 3MP pumps contain no metal parts, aligning perfectly with eco-friendly solutions. 
  • Disposable and Combustible 
    Embrace sustainability with a smile. 3MP pumps utilize combustible materials ensuring a dispenser lifecycle that’s gentle on the environment through waste-to-energy recovery. 
  • Minimal Product Waste 
    Every drop counts. Benefit from its gravity-fed design, ensuring superior efficiency in dispensing. This system allows you to use every drop, minimizing waste and maximizing product usage.

Explore the 3MP Dispensing System 

We invite you to explore the unique features and unrivaled benefits that await you with the 3MP Micro-Dose Dispensing System. Because your sanitation stations deserve nothing less than the best.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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