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Multidress dispenser
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Multidress dispenser and stand

Multidress Dispenser Stand


The Multidress dispenser stand is designed to offer convenience and efficiency in your high-volume cook line. With this compact countertop stand, you can easily hold the ASEPT Multidress Dispenser when it’s not in use, during refills or for overnight storage. This ensures your condiments are always within reach and promotes a clean and organized countertop. 

The Multidress Dual Condiment Dispenser 

The Multidress dual condiment dispenser, sold separately, is a handheld tool that quickly serves two different condiments (example ketchup and mustard) together in a precision dispense pattern, ensuring even coverage on your food items. This saves time and effort, allowing your staff to efficiently handle customer orders and maintain a smooth workflow. With its thumb-operated function and no-drip design, the Multidress provides a user-friendly experience for operators.  

Additionally, the Multidress dispenser has a generous 56-fl oz US (1.6L) maximum capacity, reducing the number of refills needed and minimizing operator fatigue. This ensures your staff can work comfortably with fewer interruptions, maintaining their productivity and morale throughout their shift. 

Features & Benefits  

Sturdy design with non-slip feet, provides stability and prevents accidental spills or slips  
Dishwasher-safe holder for a simplified cleaning process, makes maintenance hassle-free, and saving valuable time 
Components in food contact areas are manufactured in BPA-free food-grade material, meeting high safety standards and preserving the quality of your condiments


Arrow icon#8654 – Stand, Multidress Dispenser (Model: MDS1)


Pair the stand with a dispenser to complete your setup.
Arrow icon#77000 – Multidress Handheld Dual Condiment Dispenser

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